Winning Your Battles By Faith

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This book was not written for those with doctorates in biblical studies, theologians, or great preachers, but for ordinary people who sincerely want to remain faithful and hold onto their faith until the end.

To receive the crown of life from the hands of the Lord Jesus by overcoming this battle, we need to remember, at all times, that we fight against enemies that are invisible, cruel, and skilled in deception and lies.

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Some philosophers consider human life as mere coincidence, ignoring the spiritual world and its consequences. On the other hand, some religions and their offshoots see the spiritual world as merely a higher and more peaceful plane of existence. Yet neither addresses what has been happening to all humanity from the time that the first created man disobeyed – that a spiritual battle is being waged for our souls.

Learn about the beginnings of this battle, the fall of man, how the devil works today, and what weapons we possess to overcome and receive the greatest of all rewards – the salvation of our souls.

Winning your battles by faith is an essential guide for all who desire to succeed in their spiritual journey.

Happy reading!

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1 review for Winning Your Battles By Faith

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    5 out of 5


    I really recommend this book for anyone, whether you’re new to the faith, going through a battle, or simply just want to invest in your faith. For me, this book was crucial in combating a battle I was facing at the time of reading it – I understood the power of having a strong mind and never giving in to negative suggestions. Really great book!

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