Change Your Life Through Your Sacrifice

Change Your Life Through Your Sacrifice

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Change Your Life Through Your Sacrifice

Those who with to conquer great things do not measure the price of the sacrifice they have to pay to get them. If they did, they would be showing they are not ready to conquer them. To reach an objective one cannot bargain on the price of its sacrifice.

Many have experienced failure because they have focused their eyes more upon the cost than on the benefit of the sacrifice. Sacrifice must not be, under any circumstances, a simple attempt, an adventure, or some kind of game that the person joins moved by his emotions. Sacrifice results in victory because of faith and determination.

When someone sets up to conquer a certain objective, he must never allow thoughts of doubt to enter his heart about the end result. Quite on the contrary, he must believe that the price of his sacrifice already paid the cost of the victory he is looking for If he has done it, so it is only a matter of time. Even if it takes a while, he does not let anxiety overcome him because he is absolutely sure that the victory is already a fact .

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    5 out of 5


    A concise guide to true sacrifice. It doesn’t beat around the bush or sugar-coat anything – a must read for anyone that wants to be the living sacrifice God is calling them to be!

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