40 Secrets for the Single Woman

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In 40 Secrets for the Single Woman, Nanda Bezerra draws on her own experiences and offers valuable tips. The author says, “These tips will transform you into a gracious woman. Many women who are suffering in a bad marriage today were well aware of the signs whilst dating but, unfortunately, chose to ignore them. In my opinion, these tips should not be read all at once (if you are able to resist the temptation), but one secret should be read a day in order to work on a different task each day. I believe that even before the 40 days are up, you will see the benefits.”

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10 reviews for 40 Secrets for the Single Woman

  1. Avatar of Marta
    5 out of 5


    The book is full of tips to help one to evaluate and think about situations more intelligently. I really enjoyed reading it and still revisit the 40secrets from time to time.

  2. Avatar of Joyce Rogers
    5 out of 5

    Joyce Rogers

    I have read this book and it was very different to what I expected but in a positive way. Initially I have to admit that I wouldn’t have picked it up to read because of the title but when I started to read it, it was such a blessing. It is a book that enabled me to see myself in a different light and really enabled me to learn about myself, the perceptions that I had towards myself, it showed and hilighted to me many things that I needed to change that I was not previously aware of, especially in my mentality, thoughts and actions. Generally speaking I would definitely recommend this book to everyone as each one of us can learn so much from it and become a better individual as a result of what it teaches, and in relation to applying what we learn. The chapter that I loved and learnt from the most was the three Mary’s. The book is a true treasure that will not only teach you alot about preparing yourself for a relationship but mainly about your character, attitudes and who you are as a whole.

    Joyce Rogers
    Tooting Branch

  3. Avatar of Winfred
    4 out of 5


    I’m currently in the process of reading this book and I’m loving it so far. Nanda is really honest about her experiences which makes this book twice as relatable plus her tips are really spot on. You can never guess what will be said in the next chapter no matter how obvious the title may be. It’s such a good book teaching women confidence, self love and other self empowering factors before she jumps into a relationship. All can learn from this book I don’t think it’s just for single women in my opinion.

  4. Avatar of Rianna
    4 out of 5


    I really love how Nanda writes in this book. It’s more like 40 tips to build self-confidence and make the right decisions.

    Stamford Hill

  5. Avatar of Keeley
    5 out of 5


    Loved reading this book it is full of great tips for the single ladies. A must read!!

    Keeley STH

  6. Avatar of Meredith, Tooting
    4 out of 5

    Meredith, Tooting

    This book is relatable and very down-to-earth! The author really has a sense of humour too, lol.

    But honestly, these “secrets” help us to discover truths about ourselves, but at the same time they have a good old dose of gentleness to help soothe the pain!

    I LOVE the little tasks at the end of each secret… it makes every shared lesson very practical for those who wish to invest in themselves. This book is not only for those who wish to have a happy relationship but it’s also for women who value themselves or wish to learn to value themselves.

    Married women, why not have a read too then pass it on? It also makes an incredible gift 🙂

  7. Avatar of Rashima Black
    5 out of 5

    Rashima Black

    i would definitely recommend this book, whether your dating, single or even married! Some believe they are ready to be in a relationship when they really are not. This book will open your eyes and help you to understand yourself more.

  8. Avatar of Vera Silva
    5 out of 5

    Vera Silva

    This book is very short but very impactful! It contains great tips for the single woman but also for those who are dating and even married!

    Great sense of humour but also very relatable.
    I bought two, one for myself and another for a friend of mine because the tips are worth sharing!

    I am very pleased with this book and I highly recommend it!

  9. Avatar of Ronica Desha
    4 out of 5

    Ronica Desha

    You know, I love how light hearted this book is! It’s so down to earth. It really is a secret because I can some of the teachings in my very heart today!

  10. Avatar of Nicole
    5 out of 5


    Honestly this book is full of tips and guidance, it’s helped rewrite many wrongs and have great understanding of how to value, respect, love, accept, know my worth and have confidence in myself…
    Implementing these tips into my everyday life only helped me to elevate in every area. Always a go to book and never gets old…

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