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  • 120 Minutes to Shield Your Marriage

    It may seem like an exaggeration, but in one minute (yes, just one minute), a single action can change our lives forever. And when it comes to marriage, a word spoken at the right time, a small change in behaviour, or even reading a page of a book can make all the difference.

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  • 21 Days Challenge that will Change your Life (The John Challenge)21 Days Challenge that will Change your Life (The John Challenge)

    21 Days that can Change your Life (The John Challenge)

    21 Days to know God and yourself even better: Get ready to see the life of Jesus from a new and different angle. Renato Cardoso invites you on a 21-day journey through the life of Jesus, as you read through the Gospel of John. It’s one chapter a day, accompanied by the author’s daily meditations and practical lessons that can change your life.


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  • 40-S-book40-S-book

    40 Secrets for the Single Woman

    In 40 Secrets for the Single Woman, Nanda Bezerra draws on her own experiences and offers valuable tips. The author says, “These tips will transform you into a gracious woman. Many women who are suffering in a bad marriage today were well aware of the signs whilst dating but, unfortunately, chose to ignore them. In my opinion, these tips should not be read all at once (if you are able to resist the temptation), but one secret should be read a day in order to work on a different task each day. I believe that even before the 40 days are up, you will see the benefits.”

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  • A Woman of Faith

    In her amazing memoir, Ester Bezerra reveals for the first time the remarkable episodes of her life alongside Edir Macedo, one of the greatest spiritual leaders in the world, and her husband for more than four decades.

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  • godschildrengodschildren

    Are we all God’s children

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    Better than a new pair of shoes (Paperback)

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  • Bible StudiesBible Studies

    Bible Studies

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  • Front coverBack cover

    Bulletproof Dating

    Bulletproof Dating will open your eyes and show you practical actions you can take. It’s a manuel for all ages, from teenagers to more mature singles. After all, it’s never too early (or too late) to learn intelligent love.

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  • sacrificesacrifice

    Change Your Life Through Your Sacrifice

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  • Chosen for the AltarChosen for the Altar

    Chosen for the Altar

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  • Constant Wellspring Diary

    “The Word of God is my sustenance and my compass.” With these simple words, Ester Bezerra defines how important daily meditations have been for her throughout her many years of morning Bible readings. It has been such a positive experience that she now shares it with others.

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    Have you ever woken up dreading the day?

    Do you feel like there is a dark cloud over you, no matter where you are?

    Is life an uphill struggle?

    Do you wish that your smile was genuine?

    Have you ever self-harmed, had panic attacks or felt suicidal?

    Do you have any loved-one who feel any of the above?

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  • forgivenessforgiveness


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  • gideongideon

    Gideon And The 300

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  • Gideon and the 300 (New Edition)

    “So Gideon and a hundred men with him went to the edge of the camp at the start of the middle night watch, just as they were setting the watch. Then they blew the horns and smashed the jars in their hands. The three combat units blew the horns and broke the jars. They held the torches in their left hands and the horns for blowing in their right hands. They called out, “A sword for the Lord and for Gideon!” Judges 7: 19-20

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    Godllywood Interactive Book (Planner)

    The life of the modern woman’s life is full of multitasking, so she needs to learn to be versatile and find ways to organise herself. But before anything else, she understands that she must prioritise her relationship with God.


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