Nothing to Lose Vol. 1

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The book reveals secrets kept for decades, and moments of decision and spiritual discoveries given in great detail, by a globally known evangelical leader.

In the first volume of his trilogy of memoirs, Bishop Macedo surprises with profound revelations. He started off as a common Brazilian who decided to preach his faith in the streets and public squares. Now 37 years later, he leads a church active in over 200 countries with millions of faithful members, in the most remote places on the planet. 

How did it all begin? He has also became owner of the second largest television network in Brazil What are the dilemmas and challenges faced at the beginning of this journey? What is the origin of this belief that overcomes all limits?

With 238 pages filled with intimate details of his life, Bishop Macedo also tells about the family illness that started the founding of the Universal Church. It also gives a report of the 11 days Edir spent in a police station in São Paulo. 

In the next two volumes of the trilogy, the founder of the UCKG will speak in detail about the growth of the church, the acquisition of TV Record and other unpublished stories of his past.

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3 reviews for Nothing to Lose Vol. 1

  1. Chanelle Mckenzie

    This book teaches you not to give up on your goals, you can face all types of persecution battles and deserts in your life but when you hold on to your faith and maintain a pure heart you will get further than you think, especially when God is involved.

  2. Wendy

    This book really opened my understanding of how the church was formed and the faith, persistence and dedication behind it. Very inspiring.

  3. Ronica Desha

    If you’re starting in the faith, this book is helpful!!!!!

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