The World Will Burn

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The World Will Burn uncovers the deep, heavenly revelations made to apostle John and presented to us in the Book of Revelation. Read and meditate on this book. There’s no doubt that we are living out the last days on Earth.

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Science asserts that our planet is on the path to imminent collapse…

How much time do we have left? What will happen to our souls when the end comes, as the Bible foretells?

All of us wonder at some point in our lives what the future holds for each one of us. To clarify our many uncertainties about the fate of humanity, Renato Cardoso relates the answers contained in the Book of Revelation in a simple and straightforward narrative.

Based on the events foreseen in the last book of the Bible, and backed up by scientific data, this book details in-depth revelations about the end times and the final destiny of humanity, as described by the apostle John. The book is also illustrated with graphics from the Brazilian miniseries Apocalypse. 

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2 reviews for The World Will Burn

  1. Edgar Monteiro

    This book is amazing!!

  2. Anabel

    This is a great book so far – has already taught me the importance of keeping my eyes on the Lord Jesus, especially in these end times many will fall away, but I can’t allow myself to get distracted. This really is a book that every servant of God should invest in – in preparation for the coming of the Lord Jesus!

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