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Updated for woman 2014, Best to buy shoes just got better. With the most modern, and a new revamped look in the text, you’ll have even more opportunities to see life. Allow yourself to invest in yourself and discover why the book by Cristiane Cardoso became one of the biggest best-sellers of the year 2013. Buy, read, give a gift and you will surely find a much greater good than buying shoes. Best to buy shoes is not just a collection of articles about the essence of woman.

The aim of its author, Cristiane Cardoso, is to go beyond the actual transformation and promote you, the reader, from the inside out. Knowing that changes do not happen overnight by simply reading a book, Cristiane addresses issues of fundamental importance for every woman. And all of these issues point to the fact that we need to see life changing our perspective. From this attitude, the author argues that it is possible to be a better woman in every way. How to deal with your problems?

When a relationship work? How is the life of a woman of God? Have you ever been rejected? Cristiane Cardoso answers these and many other sensitive issues of women’s lives, always focusing on the processing capacity that every human being possesses. Drawing on powerful examples from the Bible, the author describes successful conduct sustained by the extraordinary strength of the Christian faith, constantly renewed.

Be sure to read that Best buy shoes and understand why your life is much more than simply succumbing to the temptation to buy another pair of shoes. In Better than buying shoes, you will find wisdom and lessons on how to deal with situations that affect. Talking to you as a friend, Cristiane Cardoso will speak of their experiences – good and bad – and share what you learned on your journey as a single woman, later wife, mother and now adviser to hundreds of thousands of women worldwide.

Take the high jump, sit, relax and embark on this journey. Just a warning: the end of the book, you will become a much more beautiful and capable woman. The author Cristiane Cardoso is married and has a son. Established in Christian environment, know God as a teenager. Cristiane advises women of all classes and backgrounds worldwide.

She is the author of the bestselling The Woman V and Marriage Armored, the latter co-written with her husband, Renato Cardoso. Both feature the The Love School program at Record Network.

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