Constant Wellspring Diary

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“The Word of God is my sustenance and my compass.” With these simple words, Ester Bezerra defines how important daily meditations have been for her throughout her many years of morning Bible readings. It has been such a positive experience that she now shares it with others.


It all began through her blog,, and here through Constant Wellspring Diary.

Her comments on each Bible verse she selects are in simple and straightforward language, encompassing numerous subjects such as family, marriage, faith, tribulations, difficult times, corruption, and the joy of God.

Ester sums it up, “The goal of this diary is to be a day-to-day companion so that people cannot only meditate but understand what God is saying to them as well.”

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2 reviews for Constant Wellspring Diary

  1. Zanicia

    I loved using this on a daily bases for my meditations & note taking. I absolutely loved this diary.

  2. Nicole

    This is an amazing diary, I love books that has interaction and with this diary it delivers exactly what it says. It has helped me to focus on a verse and really asks God what He wants me to know. Also, having Mrs Esther’s meditation has helped as it allows me to take away more understanding. Love this diary.

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