Chosen for the Altar

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To serve God on the altar is a glorious thing, but there are many people who have doubts about if they truly have a calling to serve God on the altar or if it is just an emotion. Through this book you will be able to analyse well and make your own conclusion.

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7 reviews for Chosen for the Altar

  1. Avatar of lolo sane

    lolo sane


  2. Avatar of Anabel


    A really lovely and intimate book on a topic so many have many questions about. The simplicity of the message and personal experiences of the author helped me to really understand what it means to serve God on the Altar.

  3. Avatar of Rashima Black

    Rashima Black

    Excellent read for Those that want to know more about serving God on the Altar. It includes great tips, advice and experiences of those who are on the Altar

  4. Avatar of Tatyana


    Really Good book it was broken down in way to ensure there wasn’t any room for confusion

  5. Avatar of Ronica Desha

    Ronica Desha

    This book is not just about the serving God on the Altar. It’s about living on the Altar.

  6. Avatar of Litchina Mckenzie

    Litchina Mckenzie (verified owner)

    This is a brilliant read it helped me to understand more about the work of a pastor’s wife than I had known prior. Very simple to understand all your questions will be answered, I’d read one page and the question I’d have would be in the following pages.

    I strongly recommend.

  7. Avatar of Wendy


    This was a very good book. The book really explores the meaning behind those who are actully chosen for the Altar and those who are not. Good read.

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