50 Shades of Success


When you think about “success,” what comes to mind? Money? Cars? Travel? Success is not something you can buy neither is it a matter of luck. Success has to do with action, movement and doing things. It’s not a destination, it’s a process.

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In this book, J. Edington uses his 20 years of experience as a speaker to clarify the 50 principle attitudes that inevitably leads to success. In a down-to-earth and direct manner, he gives practical guidance on the most effective ways to transform your life – from the inside out.

Have you struggled against impossible situations? Have you been tempted to give up? Do you think that success is a matter of luck and that it’s chosen not to smile on you? As you read this book, you’ll start to understand certain approaches to change your life, like the power of words, habits, and decisiveness. These approaches are available for anyone. A transformed life is within your reach. Retake the control of your future and discover the inexhaustible Source of success.

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