Godllywood Interactive Book (Planner)

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The life of the modern woman’s life is full of multitasking, so she needs to learn to be versatile and find ways to organise herself. But before anything else, she understands that she must prioritise her relationship with God.


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What is it?

An interactive book that allows you to find your own voice, both by reflecting on the subjects presented and by taking part in the activities proposed.

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2 reviews for Godllywood Interactive Book (Planner)

  1. Vera Silva

    The Godllywood Planner is like a mirror in a book.

    Each page teaches things about ourselves that we didn’t know about, it reflects who we are and helps us reach our personal goals.

    It is a great investment especially because it not only tells us valuable information but it goes on a journey with us by daily tasks and goals.

    I highly recommend this planner!

  2. Nicole

    Love, Love, Love my Godllywood planner. I can say so much about this beautiful planner. It helps me to stay on track, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. It’s so interactive and with that said, I’m able to reflect and examine the good qualities I have and work on the areas I need to change. Whilst mapping out my life, I have accomplished many things and that’s why this is a good planner to have. I recommend all to have this planner.

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