Bulletproof Marriage (New Edition)


“Just like one word can destroy a relationship, another can build it. It all hangs on the power of the word. If it’s evil, it destroys. If it’s godly, it restores and builds up. In this book, you will find the right word that will show you the secret to a marriage that lasts a lifetime.”

author of “Nothing to lose”

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What would you do if you had to protect a great treasure? Would you keep it in a simple cabinet or deposit it in the most secure bank safe? If the answer is obvious when it comes to material wealth, it should be more obvious when the treasure is even greater: your marriage. Yes, marriage is under attack and it needs to be protected. In Bulletproof Marriage, the couple Renato and Cristiane Cardoso offer solid guidance to those who appreciate the value of their relationship and want to shield it against the risk of divorce. Speaking from their long (and sometimes troubled) married experience, besides their years of counselling thousands of couples, Renato and Cristiane present the hugely successful TV show The Love School as well as marriage courses around the world.

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