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About us

Q. Who is Christian Books-Plus?

Christian Books Plus began in 2000 and, having therefore obtained the help of God, we have continued until this day. Our aim is provide the basic supplies to followers of Christ,  as well as offer material to enhance and strengthen our walk with God.

We Strive  to provide people the best service at all times, creating a friendly and warm atmosphere where people can feel an indescribable peace.


Q. What is available at Christian Books-Plus?

We sell a wide range of Christian literature, from Bibles – Christian inspired Gifts.


Q. Where can you be found?

Christian Books Plus headquarters is situated in Finsbury Park, several other Stores all over London and a few outer London Branches.

Click here to: Visit Our Directory for more Details on Opening Times as wells addresses

Christian Book-Plus: For all your Christian Necessities!

Christian Books Plus is an initiative of the UCKG Helpcentre 


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