The Lost Sheep


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“Imagine you have a hundred sheep. One day when you are counting them, you find that one is missing…”

This is the up-lifting story of the lost sheep. The book is in a cute little paperback format and features gentle illustrations and simple text that is designed to engage young audiences.

“The Lost Sheep” is part of the “My Very First Bible Stories” series. The series is ideal for use during classes, for prizes, and for spending pocket-money!

Clear, strong pictures not only help children remember the stories, they help grown ups voice the story for the youngest children (2 years up), with simple words and sentences for those early ‘read for myself years’ of 4 to 6.

The “My Very First Bible Stories” series includes: 1. In the Beginning; 2. Noah and the Ark; 3. Moses and his Sister; 4. Brave David; 5. Jonah and the Whale; 6. Daniel and the Lions; 7. Baby Jesus; 8. Jesus and the Storm; 9. The Good Samaritan; 10. The Lost Sheep; 11. Our Father; 12. The Easter Story.

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