Success | The Destiny of the Disciplined


12 Steps for the best year of your life

In this book, Renato Cardoso trains men to find the discipline they need for a successful life.

If you love discipline, you’re bound to succeed.


With modern and straight-forward language, “Success, The Destiny of the Disciplined” discusses issues ranging from good time-management to health care.

Initially written for men, this book has proven to be a true tool for self-knowledge and has become a great success among women also. That’s right! Many readers have benefitted from the monthly challenges and the practical , life changing lessons contained in Renato Cardoso’s latest book.

So, get ready, because it’s your turn to become an all-around successful person through discipline!

“Success, The Destiny of the Disciplined” is an initiative of the IntelliMen Project ( 

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