NKJV Holy Bible With Personal Commentary by Bishop Edir Macedo

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This is the limited edition NKJV Holy Bible with special commentary by Bishop Edir Macedo. With a luxurious finish, you can study each book of the Bible with notes to aid your understanding.

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In 2017 the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) celebrated 40 years since being founded. In order to celebrate this special date, a Holy Bible with notes of Faith by Bishop Edir Macedo was produced. With a luxurious finish, it stands out amongst others in regard to its aesthetic detail.

This Holy Bible exclusively has the commentary of Bishop Edir Macedo, enriching you in your faith, personal life, finances, among others.

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9 reviews for NKJV Holy Bible With Personal Commentary by Bishop Edir Macedo

  1. Anabel

    I purchased this Bible recently, and it has been very inciteful. The notes of Bishop Macedo have really helped me to understand the word in more depth, especially when I didn’t immediately understand what I had read. I highly recommend this to anyone that may be looking for a more in-depth study Bible, or even if you just want to better understand the word of God from a reliable translation such as the NKJV.

  2. Laolu

    Absolutely the Best Bible I’ve Placed My Hands On. A Bible You’ll Never Regret Buying.

  3. Marcos Ferreira Shirafuchi (verified owner)

    My dream was realized! I managed to buy the Holy Bible With Personal Commentary by Bishop Edir Macedo. I am loving to read the Holy Bible in English Language.

  4. ATL

    This Bible Is A Must, The Commentary Fills In Everything You Don’t Understand An Absolute Blessing!

  5. Kyran Jamal Williams (verified owner)

    Best bible I have read in all honesty, the footnotes really helps to understand the word what is said in the scriptures and breaks it down for us, for today’s modern society. 100% go buy this if you want to grow and REALLY understand Gods word. Best £50 you will ever spend, something that will really value your soul.

  6. Ronica Desha

    The Word of God is powerful! But to have His servant share the secrets He revealed? It’s sooo complimentary! Love it!! Makes a perfect giftt!

  7. Rashima Black

    I received this as a gift and honestly one of the best gifts I could have received this year. This study Bible is definitely my favourite one. Whenever I want to read the Word of God I always reach for this. The commentary is broken down is such a simple way, things that I didn’t see before is pointed out to me.

  8. Fernanda

    This bible is amazing because it has the commentary which make easier to understand more.

  9. Ann Prasad

    The best gift, I ever gifted to myself. It’s my life to understand why am I here and what’s my purpose. To understand who God the Father,God the Son and God the holy Spirit is. To know and to understand this, Believe In the Bible b4 you Leave Earth, this BIBLE IS A must !!

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