Listen with the Bible



Part of the Light range, this is a collection of 26 lively retold stories from the Bible for children under 8. Ideal storytime listening for: • children’s groups, any day and every day • home • or even on the move

On CD 1 the stories include:

• God makes the world • What a laugh! • Twins! • The dreamer’s coat • The dream comes true • Baby in a boat • Out of Egypt • Back to Bethlehem • Samuel at Shiloh • A new job for David • Naaman’s nasty spots • Jonah saves a city

The second CD tells the stories of:

• Down by the lakeside • Bellowing Bartimaeus • Caught in a storm • The son who came home • Everything he wanted • Too late! • Danny’s big day • A meal at Martha’s • A quiet day out • The soldier who was special • The two builders • The kind traveller • Two little words • Going through the roof!

The stories are read by actor Russell Boulter.

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