A Lineage of Grace



Francine Rivers, author of the Christian modern classic, ‘Redeeming Love’ brings you an authentic and sensitive re-enlivening of 5 Bible women and their powerful, faith driven stories. ‘A Lineage of Grace’ is a compilation of five books telling the stories of Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary and their devotion to the people and the God they loved.

Reasons to buy and give ‘A Lineage of Grace’ by Francine Rivers:

• As a collection of enriched bible stories to rediscover and enjoy again • For an engaging re-imaging of the stories of 5 biblically significant women • As an introduction to the Bible for fans of historical and romantic fiction • For a new appreciation of the role of the Bible’s women in God’s plan • As an encouragement to another to find their purpose in God for today

Empowering Stories of 5 Bible Heroines Called by God

Francine Rivers re-tells the amazing stories of the five women chosen by God to bring his kingdom closer to earth through their own example of love, sacrifice and loyalty. These stories of courage and compassion empower women today to find God’s purpose for themselves and live to fulfil that calling as God intended.

Throughout her writing, Francine Rivers uses her imagination, skill and heartfelt admiration for her 5 biblical heroines to make the Bible accounts more understandable, relevant, accessible and interesting to women.

Francine invites you personally into the world of each of the five women as they face the challenges and take personal risks to fulfil their calling from God. Woven into the story of each woman, as they play their own in role, is a greater story – the story of the salvation of the world and the lineage of Jesus Christ.

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