50 Tips to Shield Your Faith

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In his new book, Edir Macedo shows that faith has nothing to do with religion, but is related to life. The author explains how faith sustains us and allows us to see the impossible. Develop your loyalty and character in order to overcome the deserts in this day and age, and make your way down the path to eternal life. One of the main evangelicals leaders in the world, Bishop Edir Macedo is also a renowned author of over 50 published titles and 4 million copies sold. Among his best-sellers is the autobiographical trilogy ‘Nothing to Lose’ and others such as ‘In the Footsteps of Jesus’ and ‘Our Daily Bread for 365 Days.’ Ensure that your faith is not only in theory, but also in practice in your everyday life. This requires total surrender. We all have the ability to develop a solid faith. So, during your walk in the desert, be inspired by the tips given by Edir Macedo and fight to stand firm in the faith. You can also overcome!

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5 reviews for 50 Tips to Shield Your Faith

  1. Gugulethu Makhanya

    I just have started to read this book and I really enjoy it. It gives me practical tips of how to protect my faith which is ultimately protecting your Salvation.

    What I also like is that the tips are short and straigh

  2. Rochelle James

    I really enjoyed this book, its gives you practical tips to keep your faith strong and its tips you can practise straight away

  3. Emmanuella

    Although Iv read this book, I continue to go over it! Has simple yet powerful tips to help you on your walk with God which I like

  4. Randolph Holder

    This book was really good, I had ways to better prepare myself and honestly a must read

  5. Anabel

    This was one of the first books gifted to me and has so many helpful tips for living out your faith day to day. A great way to know how to have practical faith.

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