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The Extreme Teen Study Bible

The Extreme Teen Study Bible is about discovering who God is, what He’s doing in the world, and what He promises for your future. Aimed at youths and teenagers.

- Book Introductions provide you the who, what, when, where and why of each Bible book
- Character Profiles give you the inside info about specific people who stood a head above the rest to change their world
- What’s It Mean? notes serve up bite-sized explanations of specific words or phrases you read that might not be as obvious today as they were in Bible times
- God’s Promises articles focus on the hundreds of reasons in Scripture that you can always count on Him
- Three different Bible-Reading Plans provide you with a road map to reading God’s Word
- The Quick-Reference Finder is the place to turn when you need to find God’s answers to your questions

Discover it for yourself today!

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